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The Week so Far / Alberta Street Pub thurs. April 21st

It's been an interesting week so far. My car was stolen on Friday and the more time passes the less hope I am able to muster for getting it back. Fortunately, Katie Rose has a car and so we were able to get to Sunday's Seattle show just fine. However, the oil change we got her was less than great and the car was leaking oil for the last week and extremely low when we (fortunately) took her in for a tune-up. 

This morning I rode my bike downtown to report for jury duty and when I got there I discovered that I had left home without my keys and so I couldn't lock up my bike. They took pity on me at the courthouse and I was able to re-schedule. I rode back home and got in bed.

So this is just to say, I'm really ready for a fun night of playing music and that night is tomorrow! Thursday April 21st at Alberta Street Pub. Our friends Amanda Breese & Jenna Ellefson will start out the night at 9. Katie and I go on at 10. We cannot wait to see your lovely faces. My little gripes be damned. I'm still feeling pretty lucky that Katie and I will get to sing a bunch of songs for you!!!    

                                      Love, Matty Charles